Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Blahs

Its no secret that I'm not a fan of Winter. I hate snow, ice, cold temps, winter coats, school closings, being stuck inside, snowsuits, Winter Storm Warnings, boots, rushing to the store to stock up on the necessities before a predicted snow storm, and literally everything else having to do with Winter. During the first snowfall of the year, I think that the snow looks pretty for about .5 seconds. Then I start hyperventilating knowing that there is no end in sight till Spring. We have some pretty nasty Winters here in the Midwest. This year in particular, we've really been dumped on with snow. Last week the temps were in the upper 50s for a few days! The snow ALL melted and even though it was nasty to look outside at the moldy grass, it was glorious! Felt like Spring was starting a bit early. But, oh no. Another snow storm that cancelled school for yet ANOTHER two days. Then school cancelled again today with the forecast saying we're getting another winter storm tonight and tomorrow. Yippie skippy. Its been crazy!

The end of February is when my Winter Blahs REALLY start kicking in. Feels like we've been living under snow for ages now and there isn't a promise of Spring any time soon. Boo. And to make matters worse for our family this year, we've all been hit with some nasty illnesses. Pretty much someone in our home has been sick since the beginning of December. That is really wearing on us! Flu bugs, sinus infections, fevers, and colds. Currently, the illness report card in our home is the following:
Matt: sinus infection (he's not been feeling well for about a month now and finally got some meds from the doctor)
Me: flu? Not sure. Body aches/chills/fever. Sounds like the flu. I slept pretty much all day today.
Jack: Today, he's fine.
Macy: sinus infection
Zoe: woke up with a mysterious rash and she has a cold

When someone in our home is taking meds, we usually stick them on the window sill above the kitchen sink. This is what our window sill looks like today. Crazy. Four prescriptions and five over the counter meds.

I've got a lot of super fun stuff planned for the weekend. Project Life party with my fellow PL friends tomorrow. Whoop! And an awesome baby shower for my beautiful cousin, Stacy, who is expecting twins. Should be totally rockin. I helped with the decor and will post pics of the baby shower afterward!

In the meantime, I will continue to THINK SPRING!

Oh, I just have to share this image of a Valentine my sweet Jackson made for his "girlfriend", Sienna. He doesn't see Sienna too often, so I put the real Valentine in my Project Life album. Its WAY too sweet to give away!
Ahhh, young love....

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