Sunday, February 27, 2011

baby x2

Yesterday was a special day. My cousin, Stacy, is expecting TWINS (one boy and one girl!) in May. Twins. And last night we celebrated with a baby shower at my cousin, Chrissy's, house. It was SO much fun. There was easily 50 people there. Probably more! Stacy lives on the other side of the country, so this was a big shower with all our family and some of her friends from here in Indiana. It was so cool to see her pregnant belly! She's still got a few months left, but she looks suuuuuper pregnant already. Stacy makes a gorgeous pregnant woman! These two kiddos will be Stacy and her husband's first kids, and they are super excited!

Here's a photo of me and Stacy. Yes, she's tall. I didn't get any pregnant belly shots last night (doh!), but one of my other cousins is a photographer and she captured the entire event, so we'll see belly shots later...

Chrissy has a gorgeous home and does a splendid job entertaining. I helped a little with a few decorations, but Chrissy did a fabulous job with everything! I made these little triangle banners. The banner says "baby x2".

And the cake? Seriously, adorable little baby bums.

I took Macy with me and she had so much fun. She sat and watched Stacy open all her gifts....look at that little cutie patootie just sitting on the floor watching Stacy!

Macy's favorite part of the night was discovering the candy table. Bowls and bowls of CANDY. When she first saw this table she was speechless and just shaking her hands. Quite excited was she! Between candy and cake AND a chocolate fountain, this little girl was in baby shower heaven!

Stacy is just three days older than me and we were really close as kids (she lived in Indiana until college). Our families were together all the time and she and I have many memories together. I am SO excited for her and her husband, Brian, to begin this journey. Just wish I lived closer to see those babies!

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