Tuesday, August 11, 2009

random Summer updates

Wow, 2 posts in one day! I also updated our daycare blog today, so clearly I’m on a roll. Now that we’re getting back into the swing of things with the school year starting again, I’ll be updating the blog more regularly.

We found a Dinosaur Monopoly game at a garage sale for 50 cents. Jack is REALLY good at it and it is so much fun to play! Right now Jack is really into "big boy" things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, board games, video games, etc. He seems so old to us now!
Kindergarten registration was last week. Hard to believe that the little man is going to be in kindergarten. His first day is August 13th. He's had his backpack all ready for a while and he has been counting down the days till school starts. In this photo, Jack (on the right) is standing with his best friend, Jase, in front of their classroom door. They are in the same class and they are very excited. They will ride the bus together and everything. So cute.

My dad's side of the family had a Zimmerman gathering at the lake a couple of weeks ago and it was great to spend the day there. The kids had fun playing in the sand and going on a boat ride. Here, Jack is getting ready to head out on the jet ski with my cousin, Jeremy. He loved it!
The Zimmerman clan that was able to make it to the get together....

Matt and Jack had fun making a sand castle. Macy just threw sand around with a little shovel.
On the boat...

Macy is really into playing dress-up right now and she likes wearing ALL the jewelry all at once.

A very sweet moment between brother and sister. Macy just woke up from her nap and was sitting at the end of her bed. Jack always insists on being the one to go into her room to get her up from her nap (even now that she is in a big girl bed...). He likes opening the door and being the first one to talk to her. He also likes giving big hugs and kisses. I wonder how long this sweet relationship will last? I'm praying forever!

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