Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my little 2 year old baby girl!!

Told you I would probably not post much this summer! Summer has truly blown by, which I am ok with, because that just means we are closer to baby #3's arrival! I'm puffy, swollen, and uncomfortable most of the time, so I'm quite ready to deliver this baby! The c-section is scheduled for September 14th.

Anyway, this post is mostly all about Macy.....more on Jack and everything else in a later post....

I'm quite frusterated with Blogger lately. Its been very finicky and not letting me upload photos and finally when I do get them uploaded, I can't rearrange them, so I am going to have to just write about the photos in the order they were uploaded, apparently.

We finished her big girl room and here are the pictures! This used to be my craft room, so this room has seen quite a bit of change in these past few months! A new bed, dresser, and nightstand. New d├ęcor. New curtains and white wooden blinds. I painted some circles to the walls. She started sleeping in her new room and new bed last week and so far, she’s done great! She stays pretty still when she’s sleeping, so she hasn’t fallen out of bed…yet. She LOVES that when she wakes up, she can get out of bed by herself, open her door, and come get us. She has been sleeping well in her bed and isn’t getting up at all hours just because she can. Its quite adorable really!

And the baby’s room is basically all ready for baby #3 to make her appearance too.

So, I am now the proud owner of a 2 year old little girl. And, let me tell ya, a new little attitude has developed since the little lady turned 2. Macy is now a little more opinionated, a little more feisty, and a little more independent than she was a couple of weeks ago. Her favorite activities now include throwing her fork and spoon across the table, screaming if she doesn’t get dessert (even if she didn’t eat any dinner), and doing the opposite of what we tell her. Yes, sweet little Macy is growing up.
Actually, she’s not quite as “bad” as it sounds. She’s still VERY sweet and gives lots of hugs and cuddles and loves being tickled and playing with us. She is BRILLIANT too. She knows her shapes and colors, and can already recognize all the letters. She can also count from 1-15. Hello, smart little lady!

Her birthday was July 23rd and it was everything a 2 year old girl could have wanted. She got to have her favorite meals all day, plus a few cupcakes and yummy desserts, lots of coloring with markers (her FAVORITE thing right now!), went to a playground, opened a few presents plus got some mail from Grandpa, and basically just got to play with all of her favorite toys throughout the day.

She discovered that she is not a fan of candles. She wanted nothing to do with any part of the candle, especially the flame. Jack ended up blowing out her candles from across the table. Thanks big brother.

Here she is trying to hold up 2 fingers for her age. A hard skill to master.

Jack helping her open her presents. This was the gift he gave her, but he couldn't remember what it was, so he's sneaking a peak of it while she's opening it up.

Macy’s birthday party was the day after her birthday and she had a good time. A few of her little friends were there and she had fun playing with them, opening gifts, and eating her Elmo cake (although, again, not a fan of the candles…) A good time was had by all =)

Even Conan joined in on the celebration.

Some favorites from her 2 year photo shoot.

This next one I love because she is "cooperating" and standing in front of the pink backdrop, but she would NOT look at the camera....

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