Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its a GIRL!

Well, we THINK its a girl, anyway. Sizzles (that is the nickname that we affectionately call the fetus) wasn't exactly being super cooperative and giving us a good "shot" at the girly parts, so the ultrasound tech said it appears to be a girl....but we're not getting rid of all of Jack's old clothes till the baby is born and we can officially tell what the baby is. =) It was fun to find out though! Matt and I took Jack with us to the ultrasound so Jack could see a "picture" of his new sibling. When we got into the room, he was suddenly concerned that this is where I'd be having the baby. He asked the tech "Um, will you be cutting open my Mommy's belly?" (I will have a c-section this time again, so we've explained that my belly gets cut open but that I can't feel anything.) Oh, and he was also concerned with the gooey gel that was smothered all over my belly. He wasn't a fan of that. It was fun for him to be there though!

Jack had his first tball practice last night. It was hilarious! If he starts using his tball bat as an actual BAT (and not a lightsaber), then we might have a somewhat successful tball season. Matt is more proud of Jack using it as a lightsaber though, I think. He had a lot of fun running the bases and fielding the balls. I'm hoping he at least has fun and enjoys playin tball this summer! Last summer, soccer was a complete joke for him, so we're hoping for a more positive sports season for him this year. I will take photos of future practices and games for sure. I didn't even take the camera last night.

A cute photo of Jack and Macy working on an ABC puzzle together. Jack is VERY helpful when it comes to Macy. He loves his little sis and does everything he can to make her happy, make her giggle, or help her out. I love thier sweet relationship. Look at her cute little piggy tails!

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