Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 2, part 1

I meant to upload photos at the end of each day this week for my "Week in the Life" project, but my computer and Blogger don't always get along, so I couldn't upload any more photos for a couple of days. Maybe someday I'll be technologically advanced enough to figure out why my computer gets in cyber fights with certain websites, but for now I just give my computer a few days to calm down, then try again, and that sometimes works! Apparently the glitch is that I can't upload more than a few photos for each post now. I'm starting to get slightly frusterated with this whole thing.
Anyway, here are a few photos to sum up my for now, I'm just sharing photos, I'll share the content stuff when my project is more completed...

My darling daughter chewing on a giraffe:

Matt and Macy sharing a father/daughter iPod moment:

Some of Macy's toys in her room:

Macy's crib:

A rocker in Macy's room (this was the one used in my baby room way back in the day):

It appears that Tuesday was a heavily photographed day for Macy....but I'm sure it will balance out the rest of the week with the rest of the members in my family =)

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