Monday, September 1, 2008

work day

Today was such a productive day here at the Beers'. We all slept in till 8:00 (well, Jack woke up earlier, but he can keep himself busy for a while without supervision...), which was great! Then after breakfast we mowed, pulled weeds and trimmed bushes, stained a part of our fence (the section that had to be repaired), cleaned and scrubbed our front porch (it needed it BADLY), hung some things on our walls, hung a pegboard in our utility room, washed our van, and fixed a couple of other things around the house....ALL BEFORE LUNCH. Yes, I know! This amount of work never gets done in that short amount of time. Today was awesome because Matt was in a "good" work mode.....usually he is not in the mood to get so much stuff done all at once. It also helped that Macy took a long AM nap today and Jack was an awesome help with us. Jack helped us wash the van (and he also washed his bike), pull weeds and trim bushes (I even let him use the pruners and he did quite well with them!), stain the fence (he did get a little bit of stain on his clothes, but he still helped!), mow (he used his pretend push mower and followed Daddy), and clean and scrub the porch. If you ask me, that is quite a lot for a 4 year old to accomplish in one morning! Oh, and he went through an ENTIRE bottle of bubbles in between those jobs. I'm not convinced that he actually blew all of the bubbles. I'm thinking that some of the bottle may have "accidentally" been poured out. Oh well, he still had fun. Matt also cleaned the bathrooms after lunch. This house hasn't seem that much productive action in one day in quite a while!

Then, after lunch we took naps and then relaxed around the house for a bit. Here's a video of Jack trying to make Macy laugh. I need to remember to take more videos now that we have high-speed internet and can easily upload videos on here!

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