Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the next phase in our lives....school.

Well, we made it through Jack's first day of preschool. Jack did awesome! I, on the other hand, have been quite emotional all day. I dropped him off today at school and it was just slightly hard letting him walk in there all by himself! My friend brought him home from school (her daughter is Jack's friend, and they are in the same class together). He came running back home and was excited to talk about his day, but was pretty concerned that he had missed out on what the other kids had done in the daycare while he was away. He became quite the little rascal after a few minutes. After all the kids went down for nap time, we were able to talk to him about his day without him being distracted by all the other kids. He said his day was "good", his favorite part was "playing on the playground", he made an art project with Mrs. Z, wrote his name, chose Cheerios for his snack, handed out the snack cups during snack time (that is his job this week), met three new "students" in his class (I think that there were only 3 that he could remember thier names), talked about a little boy that cried a lot, and told us a few other things that they did throughout the day. He also told me that he obeyed his teachers all day long. That was great to hear! It was so much fun hearing about his day at school. I wanted to ask a million questions, but of course, he was done talking about it after a few minutes. He is quite excited to go back on Thursday!

Jack on his way out the door:

Jack and his friend, Caitlyn, before school. They are in the same class.

So, we went to WalMart tonight to get a few items and we grabbed a quick dinner at Taco Bell. We had a few interesting things happen that I wanted to share....first of all, we sat down at Taco Bell and Jack shouts out "It stinks in this place!!!". Literally he shouted it out. Nice. It really didn't smell either, so we tried to hide our giggles and tell him not to yell things like that out. Then, there was a lady with about 5 kids eating and two of the kids (probably between ages 4-6) kept coming over to Macy and touching her all over. We had to keep taking thier hands off of her. They had some nice snot running out of thier nose and it was quite clear that they weren't the most hygenic children ever. The mom just let them keep coming over to our table! It was SO RUDE. Every couple of minutes they just kept coming over and trying to touch her and "play" with her. No thanks. THEN, we are went to WalMart. I was standing in the cheese section and a random older-ish lady (maybe 60 or so....so not OLD, but not really too young either....sorry Ellena.....I know you are close to turning 60....) walked up to Macy and started touching her chubby legs and arms and poking at her. Then she asked if she could HOLD Macy. I politely said "I don't think she would want you to." and she said "Oh, but look, she's trying to get out of the cart. She wants me to hold her." I said "I don't think so. We have to go." and walked away. FOR REAL?!?!?!? Do people really think that babies are just public property or something?

Two things that have baffled me ever since I first became a pregnant with Jackson....1) That random strangers think it is socially acceptable to touch a pregnant women's belly. NO THANK YOU. and 2) That random strangers think it is socially acceptable to walk up to a baby and start touching them all over. This has happened to me MANY MANY times when either Jack or Macy were babies and were sitting in a grocery cart, or sitting in a stroller, or in a car seat. Tonight was the first time I've had a complete stranger ask if they could hold one of my kids. UM, NO. Seriously? I have no problem telling someone not to touch my child, but it always baffles me that people still try.

A few pages about Macy...

This is a "day in the life" page about Macy titled "Today You" and it lists all the things she did that particular day.

Macy at 11 months...
Macy at age 1:


Tracy said...

Ahh but Betsy she has such an adorable and loveable little face...one should want to love on her! He He...I hear ya girl. Strangers...The nerve of them!!! Start poking them and see if they like it...the worst for me was always children wanting to touch my child's head and parents never say a word...while I freaked and cringed and run the child off...the parent was saying, "oh how sweet". Sweet?!?! come on...get control of your littel disturbers!

Dad Z. said...

Jack and Caitlyn look so cute on their first day. My mom always loved the first day of school so she had peace and quiet. Dad Z.