Friday, August 8, 2008

ahhhh....much better

Well, we've finally joined the rest of the modern world and are now enjoying high-speed internet at home! WOO HOO! Yes, you can cheer for us. It is soooo nice being able to do our internet stuff much quicker. Which means, I'll be able to upload photos on here MUCH faster....and even upload videos too. ahhhhhh, the possibilities!

So.....Macy's 1st birthday was at the end of July and it was super! On her actual birthday, we just celebrated with a dinner and cupcakes at my mom's house. Her birthday party was a few days later and we had a small little party with more food and more cupcakes. Her bday party cupcakes were ladybugs and they were RED. I used the red cake decorating coloring, which is apparently MUCH stronger than regular food coloring. It stained her little hands and mouth for the next day and her poo was bright red for two full days. Nice. Thank goodness she didn't rub her cupcake in her hair when she was eating it!

Enjoying a new toy with Nana.

She now sleeps with her little butt in the air. =)

My dad was in town for a week this past week and as always it was wonderful getting to spend so much time with him! We did all sorts of fun stuff with him this week and they kids really enjoyed his visit. We even played Putt Putt and they drove go-carts!

Enjoying a little sand box time....

Macy got stuck under this char for a while. Literally.

A favorite hobby....pulling all the toys off of the shelf within reach.

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