Saturday, April 12, 2008


Two of the sweetest little things on Earth are in these photos. I can't express how neat it is to watch Jack and Macy interact. Macy adores her big brother. Her little chubby face just lights up whenever he is around. Jack is a pretty darn good big brother. He loves making her giggle and tickling her and helping her. Whenever we set her on the floor, he always runs to get a pillow so she won't fall back and slam her head to the floor. He loves helping her do things and he simply just likes being around her too! These photos are from the other day when they were goofing off in the living room. This pouty mouth thing that Macy is doing is rather new. She does that a lot now and it is so sweet! I did a layout last night on these photos because I just love how they play together! Life is so fun with them around!

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Sally said...

They are so adorable, you guys make beautiful babies!!!
LOVE the page too!
Miss ya...{HUGS}