Saturday, December 29, 2007

the magic of Christmas

What a fun year this was for Christmas! I am so sad it is all over. Each year, I am ALWAYS sad when Christmas is over. So much work goes in to getting ready for one day and then it is all over! We're still trying to enjoy the season though. We still have to celebrate New Years!!! Matt did take down the outside Christmas lights today though, but I'm not letting him touch the inside stuff yet. I just don't want to put it away for another year quite yet! Plus, we've still got lots of new toys and gifts from Christmas sitting around and we get to enjoy those everyday too!
I actually think Macy might be bigger than Jack now. Doesn't it look like she might be crushing him in this photo? They've both got thier Santa hats on and were having fun on the couch together. Macy LOVES Jack. She just adores watching him run around and she especially loves it when he talks and sings to her. Right now I think she likes watching him more than she likes being held by him.

Jack had an awesome Christmas. He LOVED the anticipation of the day. We celebrated Christmas at Matt's parents' house on Christmas Eve and we had a VERY enjoyable time! His sister and her family were in town and we had so much fun with them. They brought thier Wii and we got to play it a little bit. Just enough to tease us because we REALLY want one and still haven't found one, and I refuse to pay more than it is worth we'll keep searching everyday!
This photo is of some of the grandkids in front of Nana and Pawpaw's tree (Matt's parents). Raven, Ellie, Maddie, and Jack. They were slightly more excited to open thier gifts than they were to pose for a photo......they all did AWESOME together. There were no melt downs and they each opened thier own gifts and played with thier own toys and even shared new toys among each other. It was soooo much fun to watch them all opening gifts together!

And this photo is of my neices, Maddie and Ellie. I just love this photo. It is perfectly imperfect. Blurry, but awesome. Maddie and Ellie live in Virginia, so we don't get to see them as much as we'd like. Jack was VERY excited to see his cousins.

This was one of Jack's favorite gifts. It is Henry from Thomas the Train. He got tons of new Thomas the Train stuff (wooden trains, books, games, DVDs, etc) and he seriously won't put down his new trains. He had to show everyone that he got Henry!

We opened gifts at our house on Christmas morning. It was lovely! Jack ran downstairs in the morning and discovered that Santa did indeed drop by our house.....even though he had good reason to believe that Santa may have skipped our house this year (many warnings from us after bad behavior....) He was very into "helping" open gifts and he really enjoyed watching everyone else open up thier gifts too. It was quite cute! He helped hand out stockings but mostly he helped open gifts.... =)
He found all the gifts under the tree that had his name on them and he nicely set them aside in a nice little pile. He even did a great job at opening one gift at a time and enjoying the gift before ripping into the next one. Gotta love that! Here he is sitting next to his nice little pile of presents (notice that Henry the train is next to his gifts.....) while opening small gifts from his stocking.
We headed over to my mom's house for most of the day. It was nice and relaxing with lots of fun gifts to open! Macy obviously didn't have any idea that it was Christmas, but she happily wore her little Santa hat for a while and watched us all open our gifts!

Jack got more trains at Grandma's house as well as lots of other fun toys. He got a huge set of tractors that he loved, of course. I will never understand why toys are packaged the way they are. Do toy manufacters get a kick out of watching adults try to get children's toys out of the package? You literally need a screwdriver to get some toys out of a package! I just don't get it. KIDS play with these things. They throw them, run around with them, and wear them out. Why does it have to be soooooo perfectly attached to some packaging?

Here's Jack opening a gift from Uncle trucks and tractors........that make loud noises......thanks Uncle Andy.

We brought a figure-8 section of Jack's train set because we new he'd want to play with his new trains at Grandma's house. After a wild morning of opening gifts, he retreated to the foyer where he quietly played with his new wooden trains....and he threw in a nice mix of police cars, tractors, and construction trucks too. Santa was very good to Jack this year.

Macy is 5 months old now and getting bigger by the minute. She has been rolling over a ton and we actually can't get even her to lay still now. She loves rolling to her belly, but she still isn't quite sure what to do once she gets there. She'll figure it out soon enough.

Matt turns the big 3-0 on January 11th! I can't believe we're almost in our 30s!! Not sure how we're going to celebrate yet.....


Lisa Joy said...

Jack's figure-8 train set looks exactly like the one we got Ian this year for Christmas. He loves it! He's too little to put it together himself yet, but he loves pushing the train around and saying "too too!" What fun.

Stacy Natkin said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable Christmas! Love and miss you!