Friday, December 7, 2007


Did you know that Santa Claus was here visiting Fort Wayne today? Yup, he sure was. And we were there to meet him!

Jack and I went to meet Santa at Jefferson Pointe, an outdoor shopping mall. It was PERFECT! Santa had brought his little cottage all the way from the North Pole and it was set up in the middle of Jefferson Pointe. It was quite cozy and quaint and best of all.....there was NO LINE to meet Santa! It was great!

Backing up a little bit......earlier today I told Jack that we could go meet Santa tonight. He was quite excited and wanted to take two of his cars so he could play cars with Santa. He was sure Santa would want to play with his little red car. When we arrived, we walked right into Santa's Cottage and there was a little girl talking to Santa and one other family waiting thier turn to meet Santa. I couldn't beleive that there was barely a line to meet him! Jack was beaming and so excited for his turn to meet Santa. It was really cool because Santa was spending a lot of quality time talking to each child and even the parents.
When Jack walked up to Santa, he asked if he wanted to play cars, and of course Santa did, so they played cars for a few moments and then Jack sat on his lap and they just started having a super adorable conversation. They talked about what Jack wanted for Christmas (he just listed off a bunch of the Thomas trains), what Christmas was really about, what the Christmas decorations at our house looked like (of course Santa already "knew"), about how Jack should be very nice to mommy and daddy, and they even talked about how mommy visited Santa when she was a little girl and she wanted a Cabbage Patch doll. Jack kept eyeing the bag of suckers next to Santa and asking if he could have one. After every question Jack answered, he would say "Now can I have a sucker, Santa?" and Santa would say, "In a minute you can." and then Santa would ask more questions. Santa asked "What else would you like for Christmas?" and Jack said "A sucker." Santa asked "What would your little sister like for Christmas?" and Jack answered "A sucker." Santa finally gave in and gave him a sucker.....but Jack wanted another one for his sister Macy.....and then Jack decided that he needed a blue one and not a red one. At that point, Santa winked at mommy and said "Wow, looks like this one is a little controlling, eh?" It was quite adorable, really. I was so impressed with Santa and his patience with each child that he met and also the fact that he took as much time as each child wanted to just sit and talk. Such a cool Santa! We'll definitely be going back to Jefferson Pointe next year when Santa arrives!

Another cute little Jack story.....Jack tried his first candy cane today.....he didn't like the taste of it at all. He said that he doesn't like "stripey candy".

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Denise said...

I loved the pictures, especially the ones of Jack with Santa! You wrote that he didn't like the candy cane. Did I tell you that he tried a peppermint at Pizza Hut? He insisted on eating it instead of the sucker that the waitress left for him. He spit it out immediately and needed a drink of water! I guess I don't need to worry about him eating the candy canes on my Christmas tree! See you soon. Mom