Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chef Jack

We had a nice relaxing weekend filled with lots of snow and Christmas-y activities.

We got about 10 inches of snow this weekend, so we did not leave our house today. Matt shoveled the driveway for fun (he got a new shovel, so he actually doesn't mind shoveling anymore...) this morning and then he took Jack over to our neighbor's house to go sledding. Our neighbors are friends of ours now and they have two little kids, Caitlyn and William, that Jack is friends with. They have an awesome little-kid hill in thier backyard!

Jack and I made sugar cookies yesterday. We got this cute little apron and chef hat a couple of weeks ago and Jack decided that he needed to wear them when we were baking and decorating the cookies. He loves helping me bake and cook, and he always pushes a chair to the counter to help. His favorite thing to do is crack the egg, but he also did an excellent job rolling out the dough and cutting out the cookies. Yes, that is flour on his face....

Then, today we took our sugar cookies over to our neighbor's house and decorated them with his friends, Caitlyn and William. The kids mostly ate the sprinkles and icing, but overall they did a pretty good job adding sprinkles to the cookies. We decided we want to decorate cookies with them every year!

Macy started rolling over this weekend! She has also learned to blow raspberries and she likes making loud noises with her little tongue. That is about all that is new in her world!

We had a super fun Christmas party with our small group from church last night. I don't have any photos to share, but it was an excellent evening! We had a Yankee White Elephant gift exchange. Everyone brought a cheap gag gift and we exchanged them during the party. The gag gift I took was a t-shirt with a huge photo of me and Matt on it. I came home with a "A Christmas Story" t-shirt and a very tacky Christmas sweater. It was a great night all-around!

I have FINALLY had some free time to catch up on some scrapbooking. I've been busy with lots of little projects (some fun and some not-so-fun) and Christmas stuff that I am about 2 months behind on my scrapbooking, which is a lot when you consider we have a new baby! I was able to get two pages done today and am planning on getting more done this week too.
This journaling for this first page says "Two significant things (in my opinion) happened this month that made me realize just how grown-up you are lately. 1) you answered the phone all by yourself (and came to tell me that it was for me) and 2) you started playing computer games with your new Fisher Price internet link pad and you immediately caught on to how to use the computer mouse and arrow keys. So grown up! November '07"

And, the journaling for this next page says, "Macy started smiling on 8/15/07. She was just 3 weeks old! Everything about her is still so tiny....tiny body, tiny nose, tiny amounts of hair...but her smile was so huge and adorable. It is so wonderful to have a tiny little person smiling back at me!"


Reformed Mama said...

Those pages are too cute, I esp. like the one of Macy!

Lisa Joy said...

Loved your Christmas card and letter! So funny, my husband even laughed and he doesn't even know you guys yet!

Hoping to see you all sometime next week or after...

Dad Z. said...

Love the pics of Jack in his baking outfit. You have got to send me those so I can have some for home and take to work.

Dad Z. said...

Oops...almost forgot Macy. I can't believe she is rolling over. Pretty soon she'll be dotting Jack's i. (get it?) And I'm so glad Matt has a new snow shovel to play with. How do you draw snow?