Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Blog Index is high today...(by Matt)

So, I don't really care much for the Internet. It's too much inter and not enough net. But the bloggers are having a good run of it, so my wife decided that we should give it a go. So, here we go. We're blogging.

A little about us:
Betsy is twenty-eight years-old and operates a home daycare. She enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with her three year-old son, Jack, and being eight months pregnant. She has a twenty-nine year-old husband, Matt, who also helps out with the daycare and who... hang on, she's talking to me... give me a sec... Okay. Now I have no flippin' clue what I was going to say.

Blogging is hard.

Anyway, Matt is of below-average height and above-average weight and of depressingly mediocre intelligence. He reads a lot and writes a lot and watches a lot of television and eats a lot of stuff that isn't very good for him and then gets all hyper and annoys Betsy by talking about cartoons. Then he falls asleep.

Matt and Betsy have one child outside of the womb, Jackson, who is three and, to the incredible joy of his father, is showing great potential as a Star Wars fan. He enjoys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, toy cars, and speaking with an occasional English accent. For reasons unknown, Jack has named his unborn sibling "Frenchy."

Matt and Betsy have a large, happy dog named Conan. He sleeps a lot.

So, that's that. Blog the first is done. You're probably so entranced by the narrative of the lives of Matt and Betsy that you can't wait to tell your friends. Well, I'm done, so you go ahead and promote the crap out of One Million Reasons. Go ahead. We'll be here when you get back. Actually, I kind of have to pee, so I might be a while, but, you know, just wait for a minute or two and I'll be back. You know what? While I'm up I might make a sandwich. And then I'll probably have to let the dog out and then... Hmm. Maybe you should just get some sleep and check in later. Tomorrow, maybe. Or the next day.

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Darcy said...

OMG!! you cracked me up!!! TOO FUNNY!!! so glad you all are in the blog world now!!!