Monday, July 2, 2007

5 year anniversary (by Betsy)

So, we celebrated our five year anniversary last week! It is hard to beleive we have been married for five years already. Such a great experience! This is the layout I just finished using some recent photos.

I think my belly feels even larger than what it looks like in that photo. THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY is our c-section date! We are SO READY to meet this kiddo! We don't know if it is a boy or girl and honestly I don't have a strong intuition either way. I am looking forward to hearing what the doctor says at delivery!

This pregnancy has been 100% different than my first one. I consumed myself with pregnancy and baby information throughout my entire first pregnancy. This time around....not so much! I haven't read any pregnancy or baby-related books. I just don't feel like I need to! I feel WAY more prepared for this baby. I've already lived through one pregnancy, delivery, and babyhood. And, now that we run a daycare in our home, we are around babies everyday. We've been back in baby mood for almost a year now with our daycare babies, which has been great preparation for baby #2, hopefully!

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Darcy said...

What a great page of pics!! I can't wait to hear about the new baby when he/she comes!!!!