Thursday, May 5, 2011

corn on the cob

Holy smokes! Has it really been a month since I've posted anything? Just when I thought I was getting back on track with regular blog posts, then I forget about it for a month.....sheesh.....

Well, ONE reason I may have neglected to post anything for a while is because we've been slightly busy around here since we decided to put our house on the market and move! We've been decluttering, cleaning, organizing, packing, rearranging furniture and wall decor, house hunting, number-crunching, fixing-up, painting, etc, etc. I go from being totally excited about moving to being totally overwhelmed about THE move. We've got three young kids of our own AND a house full of daycare kids everyday. You might think that it would be a logistical nightmare to get a house ready when there are so many kids around. And you'd be right. Trying to keep a house cleaned and picked up for showings is hard for any family. But twice as hard when there are so many little people trying to destroy everything in their path. And we haven't even put our house on the market yet! Our house is all ready to go and hopefully in the next couple of days we'll have a sign in our yard. Right now we are in the process of getting pre-qualified for a loan for the new house (which is a feat in itself when you are self-employed and run a business from your home...but that is a whole different story).
Then there is the actual move itself.....moving our three littles to a totally new home and not having any days off from work to accomplish the move. Hopefully it will happen over the summer when we have fewer daycare kids here, but still it will be difficult to MOVE and then run a daycare the next day!
So, setting all the logistical moving stuff aside, we are really excited about the possibility of a new home. Matt and I love running a home daycare. We love that we both work from home. But we also kinda hate that our daycare is IN our home. Our house does not have a good floor plan for a home daycare. The daycare kids have access to our entire main level and there is really no "safe" area from them! We have no privacy in our own home, besides in our bedrooms, and we would like to be able to leave our slippers on the floor or set a book down on our kitchen table and not worry about daycare kids devouring our own stuff. Ideally, it would be wonderful to have a space for our own family separate from our daycare.
We haven't outgrown our home by any means. There is plenty of space for our family. We just need a different floor plan! Another reason we decided to go ahead and start the moving process now is because we have not officially started the adoption process yet and once we do, we would have to stay in our current home till the process is complete. We'd like to get settled elsewhere and then start the adoption process.

In other news....

Around here, we spend most of our day chasing this cutie-patootie off of our kitchen table. Jackson and Macy were NOT climbers, but oh my does little Zoe love to climb.....and we're not so used to that! I'm pretty sure she'll start climbing out of her crib any day now.

Macy has always been very sweet and kind and lately she has been even EXTRA sweet and kind. She'll randomly shout from the other room: "MAMA!!! I LOVE YOU!" or run up and give a hug for no reason or thank me for making dinner or thank me for setting out a pile of books or thank me for making her bed or thank me for helping her pick up her room. She's been very thankful lately ;)
Macy loves her some books. She is very meticulous about looking at the words and pictures. LOVE this about her.

I made corn on the cob last night for the first time this season. We all love it. Well, except for Jack, but he only really likes peanut butter and that was no big surprise. We were all excited to enjoy our first batch of corn on the cob this season. Zoe clearly loved it. This little girl was no holds barred with her cob of corn. It was quite comical. Macy is the same way, but I didn't get a good picture of her with her corn...

Jack, on the other hand, very carefully picked off every teeny tiny piece of corn silk he thought he saw. Then he licked the salt and butter off. Then he complained and whined about us asking him to eat a few bites. I keep thinking that SOME day he'll just start eating real people food without complaining.

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