Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my sweet SWEET ornery girl

Oh, to be three years old again. I totally wish I could remember what I was like when I was three. Three year olds are like teenagers. They go through about twenty different emotions in a two minute time span. It is slightly comical. And slightly frustrating too.

Miss Macy is three years old. Three and a HALF years old, she'd like you to know. She can be an amazingly sweet cuddlebug one minute and then a nasty attitude mean chic the next. "Hmpfh" is a highly-used word in her vocabulary.

Macy likes being my little helper! She loves helping me do pretty much anything around the house. I love this about her. She likes helping prepare meals and bake goodies. Especially if there is a promise of licking the spoon or the electric mixer beater after making a batch of some tasty treat.

MOST of the time, Macy is a rule-follower. She's polite, quiet, and a good listener. When we are in public, she really doesn't test the boundaries or try to break the rules.

But a lot of the time she's a feisty little lady, just waiting for Mommy and Daddy to turn around so she can go do exactly the opposite of what we just told her.

She LOVES books, playing games (like Memory), riding her bike, creating art, and playing with her dolls.
I mentioned that she says "Hmpfh" a lot. She also likes crossing her arms if she's not getting her way.

She would implement "Pajama Day" everyday if she could. I have to very carefully choose how I convince her that it is time to change her clothes and brush her hair in the morning.
Macy is at the point where some days she still takes a nap in the afternoon, and other days she just has a quiet rest time. Most days she reads books in her bed for a while and then eventually falls asleep. But she no longer NEEDS a nap everyday. Right now she thinks it is super cool if she gets to skip rest time altogether!

She is falling into the category of "picky eater". Frustrating. She often claims she doesn't like something even before she tries it. The "battle with food" is one of my least favorite things about parenting. Right next to potty training.

Right now we are having SO much fun with Macy at age 3. We have some awesome conversations with her and its so fun to hear her opinion on things. And she has a great memory, so its pretty cool when she brings something up that happened a while ago and chats about it.

LOVE my Macy bug!

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Adrienne said...

My son is 3.5 too! He does so many of the same things! I love it. He pouts and crosses his arms and stomps even when he is cross with me, but mostly he follows along trying to please!