Thursday, February 3, 2011

scripture memory challenge

The awesome Women's Ministry at my church has challenged us to memorize two Scriptures each month in 2011. Many women in my church have taken on this challenge, including myself, and its been pretty cool to see everyone posting which verses they will memorize. Because I am a visual person, the only way I will actually remember to study and memorize my verses is if they are in plain view for me to see. Matt found this little photo flip album at Meijer and this is how I plan to keep my Bible memory verses in plain view:

And, where do I plan to keep it, you might ask? Well, in the kitchen of course. Not because I'm eating all the time....but because preparing, serving, and cleaning up meals is a HUGE part of my day as a Mama and daycare provider. So, my Scriptures will be in plain view for sure. Right next to my recipe box and blender. AND, I might even get a little crazy and move it around the kitchen here and there.....

What I LOVE about this flip photo album is that I'll have all my verses together and I can flip to them whenever I want. And, of course, you know I had to get a little creative and make each verse a little pretty ;)

I had another one of those "aha!" moments tonight when it comes to my Project Life album. I won this cute little "thirtyone" organizer from my friend Angie and I have decided to use it as my "Project Life all-in-one" organizer. I stuck everything in here that I'll use for PL and I can easily grab it to take it with me when I'm working on my PL album. Besides all the kit contents (journaling cards, date stickers, etc) that come with the PL kit, I also stuck my corner rounder, a small adhesive applicator, photo overlays, a pen, post-it sticky notes, and random things I want to include in my PL album (receipts, tags, small memorabilia, etc). I'm good to go!
In other news, we're on day 3 of NO SCHOOL here. Lots of snow + wind + ice + COLD = cancelled school. Its been kinda fun to be stuck at home with not a lot to do, BUT we're also ready to get back in the swing of things. Its amazing how little we accomplished these past 3 days! You would think we would have been able to check off a bunch of things from our to-do list. Well, we actually don't really have much on our to-do list at we did some laundry and I did a few creative things. But mostly we just snuggled up in the gigantic multi-couch fort (assembled by my Tetris-loving husband, Matt), played with the kids, and enjoyed the relaxation. We stayed at home for 2 days while most places were shut down and the weather was super crummy. And then today we were able to venture out. Jack and I went to the library to replenish his "Captain Underpants" books, Matt went to the store, and the kids went to Grandma's house for a few hours for a much-needed Grandma night. Matt managed to dig a little path out so we could go get the mail yesterday...
Good times.

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