Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i'm here.

Yah, so obviously it took me longer than just a few days to get some more photos on here! Blogger has been acting weird for me lately and I’m having a hard time placing photos within my text, so its frustrating every time I try to update the blog. But, I decided to post something today…..
Everything here is going quite well! We only had 2 weeks off from the daycare after Zoe was born. That was a little rough! It has been going really well, actually, considering we have 12 kids here all day everyday. Two of them, including Zoe, are infants, so it’s a busy day around here for us. We’ve transitioned quite well though, I must admit! Zoe is quite laid back and go with the flow, so she’s an easy baby to add to our daycare. Plus, we have good group of daycare kids right now and they don’t get in Zoe’s face and smother her, so I’m glad for that! With the nasty flu season among us, we’re not taking any chances around here and we’re not letting any of the kids get in Zoe’s face or even touch her! The H1N1 bug has already gone through Jack’s school. There were 100 students absent one day last week (there are approx. 500 students in his entire elementary school). So far, Jack has not got it, but he does have pink eye right now, so he’s missed 2 days of school from that alone. He’s actually sad to be missing school, so that makes me feel good because he must really like it!

Macy is doing quite well too. She’s every bit of being age 2. She definitely loves her baby Zoe and even helps me out quite a bit too. I’m LOVING her age right now. She’s very vocal and chit chats all the time, which I just adore.

One thing that has simply amazed me is how wonderful Jackson and Macy are at being big siblings to little Zoe. If she starts crying, they get her a pacifier. They don’t smother her, but love cuddling and holding her. They respect her space and are quiet (for the most part) when she’s sleeping. Jackson loves telling other people about his sisters. I adore watching them all interact together.

Baby Zoe is doing fantastic. She’s on an awesome little schedule and she just fits right in to the flow of our family. I’m loving every little piece of her! Since I know this will be our last child, I’m soaking up her infancy, although I’m not a huge fan of the newborn stage, which she is definitely still in. She is still waking up twice at night, so hopefully in the next few weeks she will start cutting out one of those feedings. She is 5 weeks old now and is already growing out of some of her clothes! I can’t believe how much she has grown in just 5 short weeks! I went through all her clothes yesterday and put away half of her clothes that are already too small. Her little legs are even starting to get some chubs. Love it.

Fall is in full swing here and this is by far my favorite time of year. I need to get out and get some good Fall photos. We’ve gone to a couple Fall festivals and stocked up on pumpkins. This year, we’re planning on carving a couple, but I also want to paint some and see how that goes. I love everything about October. The anticipation of the fun holiday season is just around the corner and its not too cold outside yet.

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