Monday, December 8, 2008

it's Monday...

So, we took some photos of the Beers' children the other day (to send in our Christmas cards), and I must say....although photo shoots aren't necessarily Matt's favorite thing, we took some hilarious shots! These two are my most favorites.....

The top one just cracks me up because Macy is ALWAYS trying to pick her nose and the bottom one cracks me up because Jack was just letting her slap his face.
Neither of these ended up getting sent out in our card, you'll just have to wait and see which one we sent out later!

I'm working on my December Daily album right now, which is basically a small-ish album where you document all the fun things that happen in December. More photos to come later.
Yesterday Jack and I were playing in his room and he says "Remember the good old days when..." and I just had to chuckle because a FOUR year old was reminiscing about the good ol' days.
Macy is doing well! She is super close to walking all by herself. She walks everywhere around our house, but is always holding on to someone's hand or furniture or a wall or whatever. She will take up to 5 steps on her own, but just isn't too sure about it yet. We've been doing lots of therapy with her to get her legs stronger and to increase her balance. Seems to be working!
I've been feeling a little sluggish and lazy lately. I have all these grand plans to get so much accomplished each day and then I end up not getting near as much fun stuff done as I wanted. I still haven't even taken photos of my "Week in the Life" project. I need to spend some quality time getting serious about some stuff! More to come soon!

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