Friday, October 3, 2008

Week in the Life, Day 3 computer is still in a cyber fight with Blogger. I can't figure it out....everytime I upload photos on here, it ends up kicking me "offline", even though our internet is always online. Long story, but it is rather annoying, so for now I'm just going to upload a few photos at a time and see if that helps anything.

I just listened to an adorable conversation between Jack and Matt. Matt accidentally hit Jack with a baton (that was won tonight at a Fall festival at Jack's school...):

Jack: "Daddy, you need to sit in time out for hitting me."
Matt: "ok"
Jack: (brushing his teeth now) "Daddy, your time out is almost over."
Jack: (1 minute later): "Daddy, your time out is almost over."
Jack: (a little bit later): "Daddy, your time out is almost over."
Jack: "Daddy, you can not talk or play with toys while you are in time out."
Jack: "Ok, Daddy, you can get out of time out now. Do you know why you had a time out?"
Matt: "Because I accidentally hit you with a baton."
Jack: "Yes, that's right. Don't do that again."

Jack handles time outs much better when he's giving them out than when he's the one receiving them.

Day 3, Wednesday:
Jack making his bed. Notice the huge pile of stuffed animals on his night stand. There is even a huger pile under his comforter...
Macy's physical therapy session at our house:
A mid-afternoon visit from grandma:
Taking a walk with the kids:
Waiting for a dinosaur to hatch:

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