Saturday, September 20, 2008

hello FALL!

First things friend, Stacy, and my mom and I went to the American Idol concert and had AMAZING seats. It was one of my most favorite nights!!!! The top 10 finalists from American Idol performed and they were super good. Some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Things here are going well. My year-long child development class comes to an end next week and it will be AWESOME to have that that finished. Right now I am working on completing a portfolio for that class. I'm almost finished! After next week's class, I will have a few loose ends to finish up. I have to have another person observe me for a day and then I have an interview and portfolio review to complete after everything is finished and turned in. But right now I'm mostly excited to have my Thursday nights back and not have anymore classes that night!

I also just started taking an online photography course from Candace Stringham, an amazing photographer and scrapbooker. It is a 6-week course and last week was the first week. I've already learned a lot about photography!

We bought a bunch of Halloween costumes at the consignment shop recently and added them to the dress-up area for the daycare. Jack really likes some of them….so for dinner on this particular night we ate with a giraffe.

Macy has been cracking us up lately. She does the funniest things sometimes and I think she KNOWS she is being funny. Like when Matt says “Macy, can I have a kiss?” she bangs her head into his shoulder and then sticks her tongue out and shakes her head back and forth real quick. HUH? Where did she learn that? And she knows how to make Jack laugh and it is so fun to watch them play together.

Random photos…

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