Saturday, July 5, 2008

a happy 4th of July!

We had so much fun last night watching the fireworks. Our friends had a cookout and then the kids played at thier house and then our house for a while before the fireworks started. One thing we've discovered about this little town we live in is that there are fireworks EVERYWHERE. Literally. Fireworks could be seen in all directions. GOOD fireworks. It has been great because we have not had to go anywhere to watch great fireworks since before Jack was born! We busted out some sparklers and the kids (and Matt) enjoyed doing those.

Matt with sparklers:

Jack with sparklers:

Jack's friend, Caitlyn, with her sparklers:

Caitlyn's little brother, Will, with his sparklers:

Our driveway now has some nice shades of black and gray all over because Matt decided to get out those little firecrackers that aren't pretty, but just make a lot of noise and leave a lot of mess behind.

Matt's sister and her daughters were in town this past week and we were able to hang out with them a couple of times. Unfortunately, thier visit here coincided with our trip to Oklahoma, so we weren't able to see them as much as we would have liked. But, the kids always have a good time together playing and it is great for them to get to know Macy a little more!

This is Matt's sister, Michele, and Macy:

Jack with his cousins Maddie (left) and Ellie (right):

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