Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a GIRL!

Macy Onalee Beers was born on July 23rd at 12:57 PM. She weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. She has just a tiny amount of hair, and she is totally perfect all over!
My c-section was scheduled for noon on the 23rd. This experience was SO surreal this time around! We walked into the hospital at 10:00 AM and by 12:15 I was getting wheeled into the operating room. MUCH different than last time! After all the surgical prep, Matt came in with me and at 12:46 they started the surgery. She was born just 11 minutes later!! Both Matt and the doctor said “IT’S A GIRL” at the same time, which was so cool to hear!! The entire surgery was about an hour long. It was hard to lay on that table unable to move and unable to see my new sweet baby! Matt was in the room next door with nurses and other doctors and Macy, and I was just laying there getting all put back together. I did get to see her once real quick before they took her to the other room, but it was still hard to wait!!!
We’re having so much fun with her! She sleeps a lot right now, which is good so we can rest too, but we’re anxious to get to know her adorable little personality. Macy is nursing very well for me and she is pooping and peeing like a champ! She is sleeping really well at night too. We take her to the doctor tomorrow to check her weight and make sure she is growing well.
As for me, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m not taking any pain medicine anymore, because I think it was making Macy extra sleepy. My incision hurts when I bend over or move too fast, so I’m trying to take it easy, which is hard now that we are home! It hurts to laugh, cough, or sneeze too, so I keep telling Matt to stop making me laugh. He’s not obeying too well!
Things around here have definitely turned pink, that’s for sure! We had a laundry basket full of pink clothes and it just make me laugh. I always thought I would have all boys, so I’m still trying to absorb the fact that I have a daughter! I am super excited to have a daughter though! I’m totally enjoying the newborn phase of her life so far, which was not true with Jack. Life with newborn baby Jack was much harder than with Macy….so far, at least. I didn’t think Jack was a difficult baby, but for us it was MUCH harder to transition to life after baby #1 than it has been with baby #2. We’re hoping it stays that way!


Darcy said...

CONGRATS!!!! and she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy for you all!!! ENJOY all the PINK!!!!!

Melanie said...

Congratulations Betsy and family!

Donna (Sapphire1968) said...

Congratulations! She is simply beautiful and I'm so happy for you and your family. *Hugs*

Jennie said...

Congratulations!! Goodness, she is a CUTIE!! (from elliesmom)

Sally said...

What a beautiful little angel!!! Congrats Betsy, Glad Matt is taking good care of you...even if he is making you laugh! ;)

Kelly H. said...

congratulations again! she's super cute! yay for pink at your house!